Chemical Bonding with Your Sexual Partner

So I promised to write about the chemical bonds created during sex. Well having only read about it in one book I decided to crawl the web yesterday and was overwhelmed with the information I found. Not only did the chemical ‘Oxytocin’ lead me to Wikipedia, but my search pulled up so many Abstinence Organisations from around the world. As you can see the Blogroll has grown by a huge amount. There are some really great organisations out there. So many groups within high level universities in the USA, like Harvard, Princeton & MIT. So many companies out there promoting the cause. Its awesome to see in this day and age that there are others out there! *high five* to them!

So oxytocin? What is it… what does it do, and how does it chemically bond you to your partner during sex?! Very good question and even though I am no an expect in biology, etc. I will explain here what I have learnt.

I first read about Oxytocin in the book by Barbara Wilson – The Invisible Bond, and I was like noooo way! I never knew that, as she called it, there was a ‘Human Super Glue’ chemical. It glues you to your partner. It has to do a lot with Sex being linked more mentally than to just the physical act. However Oxytocin is released during sexual arousal. (Sex & the Brain is another topic I plan to write about)
Oxytocin is a chemical that is released in your brain that causes you to feel trust, trustworthiness, and bonding to the person that you are with.* This goes to show that a deeper connection is made with sexual partners, and the more of those sexual partners you have the more you destroy the chance to bond and gain total trust with one single marriage partner. It is also believed that you may well begin searching for more and more of this ‘trust / sexual bonding’, sort of like a drug and you begin needing more and more of it, this is when outside of a marriage relationship.
Another line of thought, is that this ‘release’ of Oxytocin see’s you becoming attached to the ‘stimulant’ that is causing this chemical release, and that ‘stimulant’ should only be your marriage partner. However due to the fact that it is released during sexual arousal, you may become attached to many people (if promiscuous), or even pornography!

Some interesting stuff out there to do with Oxytocin. I plan to continue reading up about it and bringing you more findings as I discover more.

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*Michael Kosfeld. 2005. Oxytocin increases trust in humans. University of Zurich Institute for Empirical Research in Economics. retrieved 7/26/06

** Updated on May 23 – 2008 – Info on the Effects of Oxytocin & About Oxytocin


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  1. unduk says:

    awesome story.! Much food for thought… It really made my day. Thank you.

  2. parentheticramblings says:

    Hey! Really glad you enjoyed it 😀

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  4. danelle says:

    absolute truth to be found here. kudos. spread the good word…

  5. virginwriter says:

    awesome, thanks for the comment Danelle 😉

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